At Erase Spa, we offer reliable tattoo removal services that help you completely get rid of any unwanted marks. The Q-switched laser tattoo removal system is a safe and effective method that has proven to be a breakthrough in the area of tattoo removal.


How does it work?

Removal of your Tattoo is performed by one of our licensed technicians. During the consultation, we will work with you to determine the best course of action and number of sessions to remove your tattoo safely and effectively.

At Erase Spa, we specialize in the removal of tattoos of all sizes. The size, location, and type of tattoo will determine how many sessions you will need. Our Tattoo Removal service specializes in permanent makeup removal including eyebrows and lips.

Please note, in order for our machines to accommodate all skin types, they are only able to remove black ink 100%. All other colors can only be removed 40-60%.

  • SMALL AREA (2 x 3)

  • MEDIUM AREA (3 x 4)

  • LARGE AREA (4 x 5)


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