Eyelash extensions are synthetic silk strands of hair, individually attached to your natural eyelash using a special bonding agent. The extensions are applied approximately (1)mm away from the skin, never coming into contact with it.  


How does it work?

Together we discuss your expectations and determine the type of lashes that are suited best for you and your lifestyle. The lashes are pre-curled and come in different lengths, thicknesses and colors. The procedure is very relaxing, never rushed; we work every set of lashes to perfection. The result is truly amazing and we promise you will love your new lashes!

This procedure is no more damaging than applying mascara.

Each application can take anywhere from 45 minutes for a touch-up to a little more than an hour for a new set (note: larger sets may require additional time).

The synthetic lashes are applied to your natural eyelashes, lash by lash, with an odorless adhesive (1)-mm from the skin. Neither the glue or the synthetic lash will come in contact with your skin.

On average based on after-care, lash extensions have the potential lifespan of 3-6 weeks.


    With the Natural eyelash extension technique, a single faux lash is applied to each of your natural lashes. The different looks (“Natural” and “Glamour”) are created in several ways. Technicians can vary the number of lashes applied, the lash curl, the lash length, the lash thickness,and finally the lash shape by varying the lengths applied.


    With the "Volume" eyelash extension technique, multiple lighter thinner lash extensions are fanned, staggered and stacked onto each existing lash which allows the technician to add significant volume.





  • You can't get your lashes wet for 24 hours after getting lash extensions.

  • We don’t recommend using mascara with lash extensions. Why? Because when you attempt to take it off at the end of the day, you can actually cause your extensions to break from the friction and makeup remover. 

  • Be super gentle when washing your face.

  • Eyelash extensions require daily combing.

  • Permanent lash damage is possible, but unlikely.


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