No Complex

Sken Skincare


4 Fl Oz Cleanser

Made specifically for oily and problematic skin this soft hydrating cleanser reaches deep into pores and lifts out stubborn dirt and oils.

Key Benefits:

•  Provides deep pore cleansing
•  Helps exfoliate dead skin cells
•  Helps stimulate collagen growth
•  Softens the skin
•  Excellent for problematic skin

Wet face with warm water and massage in a circular motion. Avoid the eye area and rinse thoroughly with warm water or a washcloth. Recommended to be used three times a week, but safe for everyday use. 

•  Salicylic Acid: An oil-soluble that is able to penetrate into the skin pores, It dissolves and washes away the excess oils and exfoliates dead skin cells that are built up inside the pores
•  Glycolic Acid: An excellent peeling agent that helps the skin to produce new collagen
•  Lactic Acid: A powerful Alpha-Hydroxy Acid with good exfoliation properties that leaves the skin feeling soft


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